• How to Create Passive Cash Flow through Health & Wellness w/ Steve Messineo



    Have you thought of opening a Health & Wellness Center to add another revenue stream for your Private Practice?

    In this Episode, Steve Messineo pulls back the curtain and takes us through the ins-and-outs of starting & marketing a health & wellness center as part of his practice.

    “An extra couple of grand in your pocket monthly sounds great, doesn’t it? Well the challenges of opening , marketing and targeting the right clientele are the keys to success”. – Dr Joe Simon

    •  :51 – Who is Steve Messineo
    • 1:30 – Grand opening of a full service fitness center
    • 2:25 – Business coaching helped grow my business
    • 4:12 – The Challenge of Opening a Fitness Center
    • 4:54 – The Expectations are Different
    • 6:45 – Targeting the Right People
    • 9:48 – Promote fitness through your staff
    • 11:41 – Systems to make your practice successful
    • 13:45 – Mentorship is the Key


    The next 20 min we dive in deep and get into the dirty details and please STEAL these marketing campaigns and use them for your own practice…

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