• The Solution for the Future of Physical Therapy w/ the Founder of WebPT



    The founder of WebPT.com started like most other healthcare practitioners. She worked day in and day out in her physical therapy practice. The difference is that when there was a problem that her staff or clinic faced, she didn’t run for the hills. She searched for a solution. Her problem was documentation. Like many clinics today. WebPT was born out of a need for a solution.


    WEBPT is now listed on the Inc. 500.


    Good thing that Heidi Jannenga didn’t decide it to be someone else’s job. With 7,000 clinics and now over 40,000 practitioners using the WebPT platform, it has become the largest EMR software for Physical Therapists.

    Empowering Rehab therapists to achieve greatness in practice – is their tagline. But the key values presented in this episode, demonstrated the passion that Heidi has for the industry


    As an industry, physical therapy is fragmented market and in business terms it means it ripe for consolidation. But the difference is that now the economy is creating a consolidation of physical therapy practices with a practitioner as the CEO.


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