• From Passion to Profits – The Story Behind UpRightPose.com


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    There’s no pain quite like back pain, and it’s a pain that’s becoming increasingly pervasive as our lives become more and more sedentary.

    What’s worse?—back pain is incredibly difficult to alleviate. From pain killers to back braces, many of the existing pain-relief solutions are either too short lived or too cumbersome.

    But that’s exactly why I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s guest…

    Today I will interview Oded Cohen, the founder and creator of a fantastic new product—Upright.

    Like other medically-inclined entrepreneurs, Oded saw a problem with healthcare, specifically, how it currently works to address back pain.

    Without any official design or medical credentials, Oded started reading everything he could about the spine in order to come up with something that better addresses back pain.

    The fruit of his labor?—Upright, a fantastic new device that’s small  enough to wear under virtually any apparel, yet effective enough to radically correct even the poorest posture.

    And why is posture important?—because it’s the root cause of lower back pain.

    Between the laundry list of positive testimonials Oded has already accumulated, and his general professionalism, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have him on the show and try out his product.

    But before then, listen to my discussion with Oded to learn how he took Upright from an idea on paper to full-fledged company. I’ll ask questions about how the product works, who has had success with it, and what it costs to get your hands on one.

    07:21 – What was the process for the creation of your product?

    10:05 – What is the recommended placement?

    11:58 – What does the device do to alert you that you’re not in the correct        posture?

    15:11 – Is this product being done in any clinical trials?

    20:25 – How long has this product been up and running?

    23:20 – the story about the soldier who was almost discharged because of back pain. Share some of your testimonials.

    Want your own UPRIGHT?

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