• The New Trend on Twitter- #GetPT1st



    #GetPT1st is a something that was not brought up directly in this interview. But indirectly Michael Bowers, the newly appointed CEO of the APTA, stated that if all physical therapists tweeted the same hashtag on the same day, it would be trending. Now that would be a statement!

    I like his thinking…

    Now, i don’t know your stand on the APTA. Some members love it, while others have a lot of criticism. Of course Michael is fully aware of this.

    Its like this in every industry not just physical therapy. There will be individuals that are upset that the association is not doing enough.While others having no care at all. My take is simple and yet effective. The association is meant as a resource. Support your profession in any way you can. If you think that is by paying dues, and being active, so be it. If you think its by tweeting, and writing on threads on linkedin, thats fine. But don’t come crying when changes occur and you didn’t get a chance to speak or be involved in those changes. If your biggest complaint is about the dues then listen to the entire interview. There are some great ideas here.

    I want to make it clear that I am never in support of the establishment, big corporations or status quo, but I am the first one to say if you are not helping to make a change then please don’t complain.

    Listen to the entire interview and leave me a comment. You can also message me on linkedin.

    Remember on May 1st 2015 tweet GetPT1st……..lets put Michaels theory to the test.