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    In this episode we are flipping the roles of the interviewer and interviewee…

    (My very first interview on my own show). I hand over the golden Mic to the gentlemen of COPA.

    What is COPA UK? You can click here to learn more about it.

    My fairy book story or I should say far from it, depicts a shakespearean like novel. It involves a tragedy and some Comedy.

    (This tweet is dedicated to the gentleman & ladies that put in the hard work of organizing this grand event)

     For the new listeners to PPBA you get a chance to learn more about the host of the Private Practice Business Academy in this interview.


    On June 10th-12th, I will be speaking at the COPA event in London, England and introducing a new level of marketing and business strategy to the global market.

    Want to get a taste of the material I will be sharing?


    Watch this short video, that I filmed at my last live event.

    Click to Play 100k

    For those that will be attending the event, I have a special surprise.

    I will be holding my 1 day Elite Level Partnership Program on June 12th

    For more information click here.