• Seeing The Big Picture with Author Kevin Cope



    Not everything that counts can be counted- Albert Einstein

    In this episode we chat with bestselling author Kevin Cope and we talk about his book Seeing the Big Picture. Have you ever really looked at your REAL end of the day take home numbers? I bet a few key staff members have said to you, ” Wow, thats alot of money you are depositing!” But you really know that more than half that money is going to taxes, overhead and salaries. So whats left? In Kevin’s book, he breaks down the challenging aspect of the dreaded spreadsheet. What about how to create real wealth. Is net profit better than cash flow? If you want to find out then this episode is for you. Matter of fact , this episode is so important that everyone should listen twice. Its deals with the most important aspect of your practice- Cash flow!

    Better yet, he gives you all this plus more info on his website www.seeingthebigpicture.com/ppba.. Listen to the entire episode to get more golden nuggets.

    My special surprise for my listeners. The first 10 to tweet this podcast @drjoesimon will win a copy of Kevins book for FREE (this is a physical book so i will need your address)

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