• Start a Therapy Practice with Scott Harmon



    Scott Harmon from startatherapypractice.com talks about the early days and how he was able to build his practices of PT,OT and Speech in the rural communities in the south. His speciality is within the pediatric niche but the insights shared are good for everyone.

    The advice he gives goes from systems to starting operating procedure (ie SOPs) and stop trading time for dollars. Scott shares ideas about how to start a therapy practice with such ideas as writing articles of patients you are seeing right now. This golden nugget shared here can now be turned into a give away book or report and attract new patients through many different channels than before.

    Things NOT to do when starting a private practice. Make sure to listen about 15 min in to dive in deep to this amazing strategy.

    Scott also shares the latest business book he is reading right now. I also share one of my favorite books of all time by Robert Cialdini – Influence The Psychology of Influence

    As always if you would like more information about scott please make sure to visit his blog and podcast through the link above.