• I spend all my time working with patients, writing notes, putting out day to day fires. I am lucky to eat lunch or I eat on the run.My workweek is steady without any variations. I consider myself a 9-5’er. After my day is over, that’s it. I don't bring my work home with me. I am completely disconnected.I have a great work/life balance. I try to use all my vacation days and I feel energized when I come back and ready to tackle the workload and make the practice better.I have a great relationship with my employer. We have created productivity stats and goal sheets. I have attained the highest level of productivity & hit my quarterly goals.
    • I’m not comfortable with technology. It seems more trouble than it’s worth.When I consider everything that I have to do I get frustrated. I spend too much time on urgent tasks and use basic technology. I know there is a better way.I feel confident about my work/case load. My patient list is manageable and the use of technology provided makes it very easy to get through my day.When I look at my day I get energized. I can’t wait to get going. I’m tech-savvy and use it daily with or without my managers approval. It’s all to help my patients.
    • I feel overwhelmed. I hate working with my co-workers. They drive me crazy.There is no team. It’s every man for themselves. I can get more done than trying to explain it to others.I feel confident in my team’s abilities. I’m still doing a lot and know I should delegate more.My team is awesome. I am confident that as we grow, we will only get better. I am optimistic about the future growth of this practice.
    • I do everything in the practice. I can’t rely on others. I might as well do it myself.I have some systems in place, but most of my day to day is treating patients and dealing with daily activities.I have systems in the practice but still have some operational activities only I can do. I leverage my workday to the utmostMy life is all about systems. I can’t be everywhere. This will help me leverage my time and energy. I create new systems to help the practice grow.
    • It is difficult for me to make decisions quickly. I often am paralyzed with analysis of a task.I’m hoping that I don't make mistakes throughout my workday. I try not to exhaust myself.It is easy for me to make decisions based on my superior task related skills. I am admired by my coworkers with my leadership.I am confident with my overall decisions. I challenge my own limitations by taking the risks needed.
    • I do not have any financial ownership of this practice. My name is not on the front door. I treat patients. Their job is to get the patients in.I don’t know how to get new patients to the practice. We already have too many patients. I’m hoping to get more vacation time as a reward.I’m respected by my boss and managers. Work is an important part of my life. I’m proud to represent this practice in outside activities. I’m always sizing up the competition.I have an owner’s mentality. My ambition is to have my own practice some day. I’m always analyzing new business and innovative models.
    • Most of my patients are faking it. Some may have some legit problems, but for the most part we go through the motions. I don't want to rock the boat.I’m shocked when other PT’s (competitors) get more patient testimonials than us. Our patients are different. We are HIPPA compliant.I’m proactive to anticipate my patient’s needs. We offer a superior service and are respected in the community. My credentials speak for my results.I prioritize patient success even if it challenges the status quo of the doctor. My patients have trust in my service and they know about my commitment to their treatment.
    • I don’t need to learn anymore. Most courses I have attended are re-hashed from what I learned in school.I do attend some courses, but it’s mainly for the CEU’s to maintain my license. I do learn some things but typically low on my list.I enjoy new insights, techniques, and way of thinking. I do tend to stick to my old way of thinking because it has worked for me so far.I’m always looking for new ways to grow and improve. I’m constantly going beyond my best achievements and breakthroughs.



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