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    joe and sturdy

    Like most private practice owners and MDpreneurs, Sturdy Mckee was approached by a software company (ie Zocdoc) to implement their services. But the challenge was that, Zocdoc did not provide him or his practice everything his practice required. The majority of people sit back and wait for change…..


    Instead of waiting for a change to take place, Sturdy’s entrepreneurial drive helped him create a new program. ScheduleDoc was Born. A value driven company that understands that all healthcare practitioners need a better system when it comes to scheduling patients.


    Learn from Sturdy, how he took a simple concept, that was a pain-point in his practice and created the solution that could be used by every healthcare provider. If you would like to watch a demo of this software click here. Sturdy also has some great advice for those new grads around the 35 min mark in this episode.


    As an entrepreneur of a private practice, it prepares you for what works and what doesn’t work. The question is, can you admit what doesn’t work?- Sturdy Mckee

    When researching more information about software I wanted to give my listening audience another viewpoint of why scheduling software could be advantageous. I discovered www.kabukit.com

     has written a great article on dealing with decreasing the dreaded statistic of the “no show” rate. She identifies with dentists but this can be transferred to any healthcare professional in private practice.

    But why do no-shows happen in the first place? While it’s true that some people are just inconsiderate by nature, there are a variety of other reasons behind the no-show – some of which can be managed.

    • Appointment Reminders

    One of the biggest, easily avoided no-show excuses is forgetting about the appointment altogether.

    • Educate Your Patients

    Make sure that your patients understand the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Reducing the number of no-shows and cancellations starts in the dental chair. 

    Even the busiest of practices have cancellations. Let’s face it, last minute cancellations are hard to fill and cancellations are money lost for you and your practice. Its especially frustrating when you know how many people are looking for last minute appointments, but have no way of connecting with those patients.

    • Follow Up with No-Shows

    Finally, follow-up with no-shows and cancellations personally to find out why they couldn’t attend the appointment and express concern for their absence. Make sure you track no-shows so you can identify “chronic no-shows” and enforce any appointment cancellation policies.

    About Us

    Kabuk is an exciting new platform that connects Canadians with the healthcare professionals they need, when they need them and enables them to book desired appointments directly online. For healthcare providers, we help attract new patients, reduce no shows (using automated appointment reminders), and, reduce staff time spent on booking appointments. Learn more about Kabuk at www.kabukit.com.

    I personally believe that all practices need systems to create an automated and independent practice. Do you need help with creating those systems?
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