• NEVER miss Collecting a COPAY Ever Again…Learn HOW



     Is your patients financial information safe? Are you ready for the EMV switch?

    If you don’t have the answers for these questions , then this episode is really going to change the way you collect payments and create new cash based programs for your private practice.

    The first thing that i am doing is taking a look at my credit card processing fees for my practices. The second step is making sure that i have a plan in place for an easy transition. Where can you cut overhead and distribute funds to acquire new patients.

    Or how about those patients that on a regular basis that sneak out and don’t pay their copays. We all have experienced this. Im not saying that these are BAD people 😉

    But if you are seeing 30 people a day and you are super busy and a couple of people sneak out or just forget to pay their copays this becomes a huge cashflow issue. This is a problem from staff to management not having systems in place. The new system that Tom and I have implemented will make it easier for your staff to never miss a copay ever again. Also if you have a new cash based program that you want to run monthly recurring payments this is a huge opportunity for you to supplement your practice income easily.

    The integration is seamless. I am not only interviewing tom but I have switched my OWN payment services over to Priority MD.

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