• The “RETIRED” Private Practice Owner



    The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. ~Abe Lemons

    Many healthcare practitioners dream about their retirement. Dr Nitin Choda, the self proclaimed marketing guru of the physical therapy world has done just that. If you have been practicing PT in the last 5 years you probably have seen “Therapy Newsletter” or you have read Nitins Blog – nitin360.com

    On this eve of Nitin’s Private Practice Summit, I was able to interview this amazing entrepreneur on his life, thoughts and goals for the profession of Physical Therapy. In the interview I have stated that some practitioners love what he does and other’s hate the fact that he has such a brash style of in your face marketing. Love him or hate him , Nitin has changed the way physical therapy practices market themselves.

    Some of the take aways in this episode include the external factors that affect every private practice, the curse of intelligence and something that I have preached on extent. “The 80% approach to getting it done”.

    Would you pay the expense to fly to vegas and learn from other PTs and Nitin? If so click here to learn more http://www.privatepracticeretreat.com/joesimon/

    Investing in your business education is something I express to all of my private practice partners and coaching clients. You will never regret investing in yourself.


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