• Meet Myopain Seminars Founder Dr Jan Dommerholt


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    Dry Needling is a tool & NOT a discipline- Dr Jan Dommerholt

    In this episode we have the founder of myopain seminars. We discuss the cornerstone of dry needling and the arguments that have been placed by ACUPUNCTURISTS as to why physical therapists and other providers should not  be allowed to use this tool. We also dive in deep about the marketing aspects and the possibilities of using this to help grow your practice today.

    • 2:54  Intro to Dr Jan Dommerholt
    • 4:08  Janet Travell is an inspiration to us all
    • 6:23  The reality of dealing with state boards
    • 13:04 The Acupuncturist challenge & are they right?
    • 14:14 Dry Needling Dangers
    • 16:34 Spontaneous Abortion proved wrong!
    • 18:59 2756 hrs to receive a Doctorate in Physical Therapy!
    • 20:09 The different schools of acupuncture
    • 25:08 Myofascial Pain “cookbooks”
    • 27:28 The inside look at the Myopain seminars

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