"Join Me . . .And I Will Personally Guide You to Increased Profits , Increased New Patient Aquisitions and Clinical FREEDOM within the Next 30 days... (Even If You Don't Have A Clue about Practice Marketing &  Management)

  • From: Dr Joe Simon

  • London, England

  • June 12th, 2015

Dr Joe Simon

Elite Partnership Program

" YOUR Private Practice On Steroids"

Creating a step-by-step plan for your private practice to generate fast and effective results. From obtaining new patients to staff mangement. This progra is designed to change the way you make money today.

I am going to work with you based on years of in the trenches results. This is not theory based advice. As an Author, Private Practice Owner and Strategic Marketing Partner, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing and retesting what work and what doesnt work in my own practices.

I'll show you how to build the rock solid trust that will be the basis and bedrock for getting your patients to invest in your practice and services. This event lays the foundation upon which the rest of your practice depends. You'll learn how to make your information, your story, and your treatment more engaging  . . . even if your horrible at selling your own services and do not know what your true value of treatment should be.

At this 1 day Event, I'll show you how to get your current patients to tell to you - in explicit terms - every last detail of the services that they've been waiting to buy from you. You'll also learn how to get your patients to write your Offer for you. 

                  YOU GET ME FIGURING OUT THE 5 P'S FOR YOU....

I'm going to show you how to POSITION, PACKAGE, PRESENT,PROMOTE & GET PAID.

Here's exactly what you'll Experience

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We're ready to prove everything we claim.  If the event does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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To your success,

Dr Joe Simon