• Healthy, Wealthy & Smart with Karen Litzy



    In this episode, I sit down with the host of Healthy , Wealthy & Smart podcast host, the one and only Karen Litzy. We chat about everything from direct access to being on the radio for over 4 years. We also discuss that, how we are not perfect, and had to redo this episode more than once. LOL

    It’s all about imperfect action. Growing a practice organically from an employee until you are ready to break away and start your own thing. Listen now to Karen’s story and see how you can take imperfect action to achieve your goals.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Karen and I think this conversation comes at the right time for many practitioners out there trying to embrace a team approach on how to grow their private practice.

     The topics we covered

    • Twitter and the power of 145 characters 
    • Direct Access for PTs and the new possibilities
    • Personal Trainers as powerful referral sources
    • Building the right team to help you grow

    For more info about Karen check out her podcast here

    On a side note, Karen has just completed her Doctorate so please send her a big congratulations and take a minute to leave a comment on the podcast. 

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