• Are your Patients Happy & Healthy ? The True Story of Kathy Schoemehl




    Episode #25

    To truly be knowledgeable about business / private practice, you must understand who your patient really is. Listen to this extraordinary story, of struggle and frustration that reveals a patient’s true point of view. How a patient learned more than any provider without a medical background, and has not only, helped herself but to date have helped so many others.

    • 3:00 Kathy Schoemehl Intro
    • 4:34 Finding someone to help
    • 6:00 Kathy’s journey continues
    • 7:42 Healthy Happy Now started in a hospital room
    • 10:20 1st hand experience
    • 13:00 Finding a specialist
    • 13:22 Patients don’t have access to medical research
    • 18:22 Be a part of Kathys Team
    • 19:30 Decrease pain = Increased happiness
    • 24:47 Magic of the word FREE
    • 27:01 Unlimited Treatment = Freedom
    • 30:53 You must write a Book


    In this episode we started a conversation about writing a book. If you would like to get a book out on a specific topic to build your expertise send me an email at privatepracticebusinessacademy@gmail.com

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