• The TOP 2% in Healthcare does this RIGHT. Your Financial Education



    Most financial advice in general is biased. Your brother in law or best friends neighbor that is also your financial planner is really just trying to sell you an insurance plan, so he or she can make a commission. Nothing wrong with this, but is it the best plan for you as a medical private practice owner?


    The question is – What is your optimum function financially for your practice and your household? Once you have this you can create a better system. For example, it could be protecting your assets, keeping your taxes to a minimum (my personal favorite !! ) etc…The trips and tricks that most are inundated with are just that. They are not a full system that will help you achieve your financial freedom.

    In this episode we discuss

    • The mindset needed to be a private practice owner

    • Financial education for the healthcare professional

    • The 89 sources of RISK

    • The true measure to harness optimal financial health

    • Why receiving an MBA only makes you a better employee

    • That Economics & Personal Finance are 2 different topics

    • Results based financial planning

    There are so many golden nuggets in here i can’t list them all.


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