• Proactive Vs. Reactive Referral Marketing with Edwin Dearborn



    As an Executive Coach and Marketing Strategist, I collaborate with ambitious business professionals who are completely committed to building strong organizations and generating higher profits.

    I have been professionally teaching sales & marketing in the executive coaching field for over 25 years. During that time, I have delivered hundreds of workshops to over 10,000 individuals. Moreover, I have personally coached hundreds of CEOs, CPAs, Doctors, business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the United States on a one-on-one basis.

    The net result of my direction has been to assist these professionals to generate ten’s of millions of dollars in revenue through time-proven sales management and marketing programs. I have first hand experience in tackling an array of business challenges and then developing step-by-step action plans that generate sustainability and profitability.- Edwin Dearborn

    In this episode:

    0:35 Who is Edwin Dearborn
    1:50 How I help doctors get more patients in the front door
    3:50 How Linkedin & Twitter can can help with your marketing
    5:00 Try this app for videos – Videolicious 
    6:30 How to create a great Video for your Practice
    9:45 Online reviews are crucial for your practice
    12:00 How to get your videos shared on Facebook
    13:15 Real life Practice marketing strategies for a small to mid sized practice
    14:30 Proactive vs Reactive Marketing
    17:30 Be apart of the community
    18:30 Grow your practice by 30%
    21:45 Inspiration for Ideas
    24:55 How to set up In clinic Demos
    29:05 New opportunities for your Practice
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