• Physical Therapy Autonomy through Dry Needling



    Topics covered in this interview

    • The Insightful viewpoints of Dr Paul Kiloren the founder of iDryNeedle.com.
    • Introducing the myotech needle the first needle designed for Dry Needling.
    • Bringing more autonomy to the world of physical therapy and discovering the benefits of dry needling for your patients.
    • Dry needling is not an entry level skill 

    Dry needling involves the use of solid filament needle to stimulate a twitch response to release muscle tension and pain, allowing the body’s biochemistry to produce a natural analgesic. It helps to treat the limitations and restrictions that are found during physical assessment. For most conditions dry needling has little or no post treatment side effects with equal or better therapeutic effect than other manual therapies.

    Paul- a physical therapist that graduated and started a cash based practice immediately after graduation. His passion and efforts that have geared himself towards growing as a pt-preneur. Paul dives in deep about how he started with his partner 5 years ago and why he is so passionate about Dry Needling.

    Paul reports that the myotech needle, is the only one, that is engineered for dry needling. If acupuncturists, state that PTs cannot use acupuncture needles for dry needling, then myotech has found the solution. As skeptical as I am (my new york upbringing lol, I ordered the myotech needles and have tested it out as well)

    I will report the results soon

    There are so few dry needling clinicians in washington to promote the knowledge base and benefits of this modality. Paul has dedicated his time and effort to establish himself as an expert and has put the time and effort to promote this cause.

    Please reach out to Paul and see how you can help physical therapists to continue to be able to dry needle throughout the US.

    Would you like more resources about this topic? Visit http://idryneedle.com/blog/.

    The nuts and bolts of the issue – Acupuncturists are stating that they are losing business. Physical Therapists state chiropractors have been doing trigger point acupuncture for years. Why all the sudden is there a threat? Is there a solution?

    I have started introducing the AcuPT business model across the country. I personally believe we can help more patients and practitioners (of course team up with acupuncturists as colleagues and as peers). The AcuPT model also includes the marketing aspect of all the successful ads we have created over the last 2 years. For more information about this shoot me an email at   privatepracticebusinessacademy@gmail.com