• Branding Your Medical Concierge Practice



    The focus on E-Patients has become the core of what branding has become. There are alot of doctors out there thinking about creating a concierge type practice. The new buzzword amongst PT’s, Physicians and many other healthcare providers.

    But the number question is how do I recruit clients that are outside their typical insurance run brands. Also why does the doctor now have to cater their practice,when docs have been comfortable getting patients the old fashioned way through HMOs.

    The problem is that if you do not adapt your practice will NOT succeed in these hyper competitive markets.

    The level of burnout for practitioners that have been practicing greater than 20 years is over 87%.

    The doctor now must connect with the patient on a personal level. For a concierge practice to work they must show the patient or client that this is the reason why they are choosing this speciality over another. especially when it comes time and cost.

    You are now changing the paradigm of care. This is no small endeavor for a doctor that has been practicing for more than 25-30 years. So is it up to the younger generation of doctors to handle this?

    The definition of branding is more about  bringing the expert status out of the doctor and creating more leads. This business model has been done in the CEO community where they are presented as thought leaders. When people think a profession they need to say your name. Name recall is what we are eventually trying to create for a private practitioner.

    This and much more is discussed in this episode. Most of all the GOLDEN NUGGET on patient centric profiling. Learn how this strategy can change your private practice TODAY

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