• Referrals + Relationship + Fantasy Football = Growth Strategy



    The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.Р Vince Lombardi

    Referrals are relationship based. So lets make sure that every patient that comes into your practice receives an amazing experience. The little things tend to stand out. A simple thing such as a follow up call. Is this an unusual thing to do in your practice? Do you think you are providing an amazing experience? But how do you know?

    The answer is that often times you have to ask. But to give the opportunity for a patient to offer a referral is the key. Often times everyone is so tied up on compliance that we forget that we must keep our doors open by challenging the quid pro quo. The challenge for providers that have been conditioned to ask for referrals from other professionals is something that must be deconstructed and reconstructed again to asking for referrals from the general public and your current clients.

    In this episode David Taylor drops a GOLDEN NUGGET about a referral system, using college football! How athletic intros are the new relationship brand that is making it even easier to get more referrals from other professional in and out of your space. I was so moved by this idea that i wanted to include a video from one of the greatest coaches of all time- Vince Lombardi

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