• The Principal Agent Epidemic in Healthcare



    “If the results are no good, thats my companies problem, not yours. You dont have time to market your private practice. You must learn to outsource to others”. – Dr David Greene

    The so-called “NEW” economy has been part of many out of network providers for over a decade. So many now are realizing that you cannot rely on the “house” list of the insurance companies and that patients have to find you. Better yet, most practitioners are realizing that the “brochures” that they have used for marketing in the past are USELESS.

    Dr. David Greene realized that for patients to find his “out of network” private practice he would have to master the internet.

    Whats the Principal Agent Epidemic? More and more practice owners are suffering. Listen to this Podcast to find out if you are affected as well!

    Spending years and many hard earned hours learning to code his own websites and get traffic to those websites, which in turn would fill his clinics with patients, soon became his passion. Thats right! A medical doctor that discovered a new passion- a passion for the internet. Even after attending business school, Dr Greene realized there’s more to medicine and private practice than filling out paperwork. But as the interview progresses we see that they key to growing an out of network / cash based practice is within every practitioners grasp.

    In this episode we discover that many physicians and healthcare providers are tired of the rat race and moving into different directions with their careers. Directions in which they can still help the profession or help patients get better. A strategy known as “INBOUND” marketing is the key to fill your practice with patients. 

    Dr Greene has created a successful practice with the use of inbound marketing & has helped many others as well.

    Learn 2 strategies that has worked for him. Listen to the entire podcast and let me know what you think.

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