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  • From: Dr Joe Simon

  • Manhattan, NY

  • March 2017

-Dr Joe Simon


First things first. I want you to understand one thing...




I am not selling anything here.




I am here to offer you a new tactical and strategic healthcare initiative that would work in conjunction with your physical therapy practice.


Yes, you will either have one, two or ten Physical Therapy Private Practice's for this model to work. If you are brand new and DO NOT have a practice yet, this will be a very good option on how to start from day ONE.


I call this an initiative because it’s something that takes effort and it will require a lot of teamwork on your part and your staff’s part.


But I promise you one thing.


By the end of this information session you will have a different viewpoint of how acupuncture can benefit your patients in combination with physical therapy.


AcuPT ® was developed as a mindset, treatment plan and business structure to provide a FASTER treatment objective and supplemental income to eliminate overhead of my current private practice. (and add an additional value proposition.)


(For those that have experienced the benefits of dry needling or acupuncture please skip the next paragraph).

And yes I absolutely see these as two different services and look to further help both professionals move forward to achieve a positive effect for their community.



The classic Chinese explanation is that channels of energy run in their regular patterns through the body and over it’s surface. These energy channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, and in promoting physical and emotional well-being.


Acupuncture is being studied for its efficacy in alleviating many kinds of pain.


In traditional Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture regulates the flow of “chi” (vital energy) through the body.


While acupuncture is often associated with pain control, in the hands of a well-trained practitioner it has much broader applications. Acupuncture can be effective as the only treatment used, or as the support or adjunct to other medical treatment forms.


Acupuncture can reduce the need for medicine ie. opiods,  and can improve the quality of life of people with chronic pain.



This information was cited from the foundation for diabetic and periphereal neuropathy.


To share the concepts of dry needling.


Listen to this interview done with Dr. Frank Gargano of the Integrative Dry Needling Institute.


Also of this interview with Yan Dommerhalt the founder of the Myopain Seminars.


Both are great friends and practitioners who share their love for the teaching of dry needling.


So how does a savvy private practice owner   leverage an entirely different, but complementary profession? 

The ugly truth behind the war between the pharmaceutical industry and outpatient physical therapy services.


But before that, let’s dive into those that are currently using dry needling

in their practices.


You know the benefits.


You understand the value you offer your patients.


But the biggest challenge I hear from therapists -


They can’t bill for that service.


Yes, it’s true that most use the 97140 code.


But lets be honest, that’s a PT code and has nothing to do with needling.


So there is a gray line there.


Plus, if you are treating a patient you have used that code already.



What if I told you there are codes to bill and,

we have developed a billing guideline for these services.




To truly understand the importance of this partnership I propose. In full disclosure, what I’m going to teach you are the ribbons of a model that I have proven over the last 2 years which will double, re-double, even re-double again your practice with a consistency if followed. It’s utterly unimaginable by others in the industry but I’m going to pull back the curtains in a process and structure that I have personal and economic interest in.



I promise you that I will stimulate your sense of possibility and will animate your capacity to see how much more you could earn and at the very least get your creative brands flowing.





So let’s start…


How do you take your limited practice make it unlimited?


We’re going to discuss how to ethically and legally liberate your practice model.


We are going to talk about how to create a practice work harder for you

than you do for it, in as many as five different ways.


We are going to talk about profit centers that are ongoing,

reoccurring and cost you nothing.


We’re going to talk about an association with me that can have me invest my knowledge, my ability, my systems, my capital, and my creative and marketing capital in you in ways no one else, i think would dare to do.


Now lets get on with it... 



Many of you know my story or have listened to my podcast. I’ve struggled for many years when I was in private practice with limitations that constrained me to one or two options… either just being compensated for my work, or bringing associates on who were almost always leaving to (after I helped them at my expense) build their own practice.


You may have had a similar experience.


Or the battles I have faced with insurance providers denying claims, requesting refunds or just flat out lying about not receiving my paperwork.


It can be more than frustrating.


It could be heartbreaking, but when I started the process of consulting, coaching and advising physical therapists around the country, I started experimenting with a different belief system and operational ideology that, to my surprise, no one else had ever really talked about.





"I am going to reveal it here at the risk of going out on a limb to exposing something outrageously lucrative to everyone including my competitors"


- Dr Joe  Simon



And including anybody who wants to do it themselves be in my heartfelt sincerity, if you do it yourself, you risk actually getting yourself in trouble.


To undermine the potential it would be a travesty, but in the end its your prerogative.



Look, there is a reason I’m sharing this, and I truly believe that a combination of these professions in a treatment aspect alone would deliver a faster and more effective rehabilitative care.



Once we discuss more about the financial model you will have even a greater admiration of this concept.


{For example: If I walk you through how to fly an airplane and you could answer every question 100% correctly and if I hand you over the stick and the wheel and we go up in the air, you’ll probably kill yourself. I don't want to kill your practice by having you do this yourself, but I want you to get excited because if implemented properly, managed masterfully and the partners/providers are selected impeccably, this can be the greatest shift in your practice life.}



Done wrong, and it would be the very best disappointment and very worst train wreck.


And that’s why I’m sharing.


I’m not afraid to share it because I’ve spent 2 years, 100’s of thousands of dollars and hours trying to figure out not just the good,but the how.


The how how to mitigate the not-so-good: the not-so-good employee or patient or payor.



Here are the facts.


Insurance reimbursements for PT are declining.


You as an owner are trying to figure out how to add a cash model to your practice, but you or your staff were never trained to sell.


Your staff doesn't care that you get paid less.


They still expect a raise or they will jump ship to work for the competition or start their own practice.


Your competition is getting bigger. From hospital based therapy to P.O.P.’s and the large franchises.


Patients also are presenting with even in-network deductibles (that they don't want to peg).


And finally…


Your overhead has gone up consistently every year since you opened.




Let us show you how we can help… 



                                                  VALUE VS. FEE



The AcuPT® model was designed to offer your patients more value, a scalable niche and an out-of-network cash based model.


Let me explain. Acupuncture has been a cash based service for years. Patients have been conditioned to pay for it, unlike PT, where they expect their insurance benefits will cover it.


The added benefit is that more and more insurance companies are reimbursing for acupuncture services, from No Fault to the major medical carriers.



*Disclaimer: Medicare/Medicaid does not pay for acupuncture.



"As a patient receives therapy they are also introduced to acupuncture as part of their rehabilitative experience. The value added for the patient is that they experience two providers in one location at the same time. Not so surprisingly your retention rate increases and your cancellation rate drops." 





Within the same treatment time, the patient has accomplished righting the wrong and achieving their goal. For the PT facility you free up 15 minutes, which you could leverage that time for scheduling another patient or completing notes.


By no means does this change anything that you are currently doing. You keep your current treatment protocol and guidelines.


AcuPT® offers you:

  • The ability to market yourself differently.
  • The ability to offer a value based service at the same time as their current rehabilitation.
  • The ability to grow your practice by leveraging another provider’s time and skill.
  • Become the go to provider in your community.
  • Stand apart from the rest
  • The ability to create a monthly subscription or Check Up model.
  • The ability to cross promote services with more professionals in health and wellness.
  • Complete billing and collections by a team that has a proven track record for success.
  • Added tax benefit.
  • A business partner, marketer and strategist.
  • An amazing lead generation of patients that come in for Acupuncture and are referred to Physical Therapy.
  • Increased patient testimonials about your practice.
  • A true Holistic team-approach to your community’s wellness.
  • Clear and proven systems and strategies for growth.
  • A clear investment in your current team and practice.
  • An investment in the future legacy of your community standing.
  • Freedom for the practice owner



The job of the practice owner is to peek around corners.

                                                - Dr Joe Simon




We know what the future holds.


If you do nothing, you will be fine. You will be either in the same place you are today, or slightly worse.


But now that I have explained it to you, let me tell you why I did that. It’s because I have already perfected it.


I have created 12 AcuPT® models and truth be told, two of them failed. In all candor it was more due to a function of commitment and not planning.


If people believe in their hearts and minds that they really want to do growth and diversity, but in truth, they were predisposed that they didn't have the mindset and the capacity to do the collaborative.


This was part of my learning curve.


The 10 that have embraced the system and the first three are well on their way to doubling or tripling their previous year’s income. The others are on the same performance pathways.


I can’t promise that all of them will do that, but I can promise that the model that I have created and designed to deliver consistent growth by this magnitude that is not driven by you but rather through the leverage of your staff, their skill and my expertiseto increase your bottom line.



Wealth is created by income that is predictable and ever increasing.

                                                                       Author Unknown




I have since abandoned my consulting activities and instead based my focus on practices that are in need of this ancillary model.


I have no need to become a partner in their existing business.'


It is only of increased revenue, profit sources, my patented methodology, detailed oversight and systems of AcuPT®.


It’s been operative BETA for the last year. Now it’s been lucrative and refined

and it’s ready for natural expansion.


With that said, anybody who’s followed me and knows my values, my ethos.


Practitioners who are ready, masterful, pre-eminent in certainly the way they do it, if not their stature in the community. Practitioners that realize or recognize that you’re either an income-limited professional or you’re a professional who’s also an entrepreneur. 



I’m offering to explore with quality to qualified physical therapy private practice owner's a potential long-term association, where I invest everything in you.



You invest your time, collaboration and open mindedness and I pay you a very healthy percentage of up to 50% of all the revenue. That’s the good news.


The bad news is, I can promise you from my experience and my criteria

that I will reject half of you. 


Not because you aren't a good man/woman, practitioner, etc. with a good heart and good intention, but because maybe you’re congruent as the two partners that I had to jettison proved to be.


There is no shame in liking people. There is no shame in only wanting to do what you do, but there is terrible frustration in having a partner like me who is driven to see you grow and prosper and be thwarted and constrained.


All I want right now is to connect with people who are open to explore this,

but if you want to connect, you have to do two things and I will not respond unless you do.

Schedule a 15 minute Right Fit Session


I will not waste your time. This is for practice owners that are looking for a solution to their limited practice.
I have spent years coaching and consulting private practice owners and
personally have stepped away from that to pursue this to help deliver a pathway to true wealth.
I personally have implemented this same ancillary model in my own clinics.
I promise to respect your time and stature in the community

Schedule a 15 minute Right Fit Session Now


Dr Joe Simon